Professional Interview

As an undergraduate student I have learned that it college age students are a very unique set of individuals. We are a set of young adults that are free to make our own decisions, learn what direction we want to go in life, have our lives, and, kind of like elementary children, we can believe anything is possible.

That is why this is an age group that has really started to intrigue me. I got my start working with students in the Office of Admissions at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. I feel in love with the ambition and liveliness that the potential students brought in.

After transferring I was able to meet other departments too, such as Students Affairs, the Career Center, and the Center for Community Engagement. Seeing the different aspects of higher education made me interested in learning more about these positions because I feel public relations is a huge part of these departments.

I got to do my interview with Ms. Ellen Malito in the Indiana State University Student Affairs department. Here are some of questions that I asked and advice I was given.

Ellen began her student affairs career during her undergrad. First becoming a resident assistant and joining RHA, and then joining Gamma Phi Beta her junior year. When she graduated and moved to Arkansas she was asked to be an advisor for a new chapter of Gamma Phi Beta.

She says there is one distinct moment she remembers at a Resident Life conference when the speaker said to look to your left and right and to realize most of those people will not spend their whole career in res life. Ellen said she thought she was going to defy the odds. Then a job became open at Indiana State University.

This year Ellen has taken on working with the student organizations and leadership.

Her advice going forward was to take every opportunity to get involved in many different sectors of campus life as possible. She said if it truly becomes something I am interested in pursuing the variety of experience will be very beneficial.

Photo Credit: LinkedIn

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