Learning From Interaction


When Chris Westfall came to visit us at Indiana State University it was a very exciting event. I did not know what to expect. While I did not get to attend the main event hosted in Tilson Auditorium, I was invited to attend the dinner with Westfall. I learned some very important professional things at this event.

Every person has an important story.     

At the dinner there was a lot of us and only one Westfall so I ended up getting to have some wonderful conversations with my peers while we waited for Westfall to make his way around the room. For me it was very easy to assumer everyone that is in the public relations class is a public relations concentration in the communication major. At the dinner I got to talk to Samantha and learn about how much she is into fashion and how passionate she is about it. I also learned that Antonio has a clothing line that he developed and he wants to use it to do great things in the world.

Why are you telling yourself no?

When we finally got to talk to Westfall he asked us about what one of our plans for the summer was and why he hadn’t been trying to go for it. Every time he would say a reason why not Westfall would come up with a way to get around that. It made me realize that every time there is something in the way of achieving a dream there is a way to get around it. You just have to want to get around it.

If you turn the question back around they will make their own advice.

I noticed that every time someone asked Westfall a question out of my group he turned it around and asked them another question related to their question and turned it into them giving themselves advice. This is not only a good way to communicate with others but it can also be a way to give yourself advice when you don’t want to talk to others about the situation.

I loved meeting Westfall and I thought that it was very insightful and helped my professional development.

Photo Credit: Kreations by Kierra

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