Academic and Professional

Public relations is a class that I was going to take online over the summer but decided to take in class in order to have Ms. Mullen as a professor. It was a great choice that I really believed has benefited and will continue to benefit me.

The assignments of this class are set up to be very interactive and get you the real, hands-on experience needed for this profession.

My favorite and what I believe is the most beneficial project that we have done has been connecting to public relations professionals on LinkedIn. With taking advantage of the advice to connect using a computer in order to send a personalized message, I was able to really connect with them. It has lead to conversations with professionals from right in Terre Haute, St. Louis, California, and even London.

The importance of connections was stressed in this class and I feel like it made me want to reach out more. I learned more about other professionals, as well as the difference in the environments and tactics in different regions.

One assignment that was a little bit confusing and I didn’t feel like I really learned well was the campaign messaging. While I was able to learn the process and see the outcome, I didn’t feel like I really understood what the different aspects were meant for and how to set them up. The writing portion was also a little bit confusing in this part.

I understand this is a whole class on its own so I am not concerned with the vagueness I feel. It was just a little bit confusing.

Overall, I really enjoyed this course and felt that the assignment really benefited where I am now professionally. It presented a lot of opportunities and lots of guest speakers. Taking this class with Ms. Mullen was a great decision in my academic life but also for my professional life.

Photo Credit: Flickr via Compfight

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