How to Write Your Press Release

Writing your first press release can be very intimidating. Even after writing a few of them it takes a while for it “to get easier.” After doing a lot of research on how to write the perfect press release and having two classes that have in depth taught writing a press release, I finally feel as though I might kind of have a handle of it.

I have created this infographic to try to help out line the basics. I used an article from Hubspot “How to Write a Press Release,” I thought they did a fantastic job really going in to depth about how to write the press release. So check out their article for more help!



  1. Timing on a press release is essential. Not only the timing of distribution but also the timing of the product. You do not want to write a press release for every single thing your company does. You want to be a little picky so that your name doesn’t become over worked in the journalists’ ear. Distribution timing is also important so that the journalist has enough time to cover the story if they choose too.
  2. To get your story published, you need to stand out and you need to make the journalists’ work as easy as possible. The journalists’ already have an over packed schedule, so giving them all the major information they need, including outstanding quotes, memorable headlines, and even a few photos can really make your press release stand out and put you ahead of the other press releases rolling in.
  3. The journalism writing style is the inverted pyramid. So it is important to connect with the writer and write in this format. It puts their story ideas in order, but also makes it an easy read for them. If the important information is in the first paragraph where they expect it to be they do not have to do any extra work to get to the meat. This could save your story because they could make a decision on covering it in the first sentence of your press release.
  4. Some tips to make sure your press release ends up at the top of the pile are: to not send at the top of an hour, because let’s be honest it will probably get lost with everyone else waiting until 3 o’clock to send their press release in; reach out to the journalist directly and if possible send the a paper copy of the press release, it’s guaranteed to not get sent to their junk mail folder; send it to the top journalist the night before, if they want to cover the story they now have first priority; and share their coverage, this is free advertising for you but also helps them and their employer out, so share the crap out of it!

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