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  1. 04-10-2017

Five tips On how to become a better blogger.  SYC Athletics (Trent Buchanan)


I really enjoyed your blog. I liked that you were really yourself in the blog and it shows throughout your page as well. The tip on writing things down is my favorite! I am a firm believer that a lot of great ideas get lost falling off the mental note notepad. Thanks for your tips, I will be using them for my post!


2. 04-10-2017

As Soda Loses Its Sparkle, Coca-Cola Is Transforming Into a ‘Total Beverage Company’ By:

Hi Christine,

I really enjoyed this article. There was a lot of history and upcoming things for Coke I did not know about. Now because I know of these things it will be interesting to see what happens in the future of Coca-Cola.

Thank you for the read,

Brittney Williams


GoPros, Balloons, & PR

Madison Denhart


I really enjoyed this story. I liked that you picked someone in a different PR field than mos. I think fraternity and sorority PR would be very hard and is a very interesting field because it is so important and can be so difficult since it almost always starts with negative thoughts to anyone outside. I look forward to seeing the launch of the ribbons!


4. 04-17-2017

It is interesting to see how many small companies are under-utilizing the free services the web has to offer. It will also be interesting to see if the investments in more marketing and advertising pays off at the end of the year. While what the message says is important it is also important to remember the platform and its reach. Paying for something doesn’t always mean a better turn out.

5. 04-24-2017

Now Trending: Rat in a dress

Samantha Ripperger


I love that your blog is about fashion, after talking with you about it at the Westfall dinner it is awesome to read your work. I am totally with you on shopping second hand or local! Finding anything in my dress would totally turn me away from shopping somewhere but holy cow! That rat got through so many lines of business before making it onto her body, it is kinda crazy. Also doesn’t sound like it was handled very well. I hope her infection healed. Keep up your passion in fashion, look forward to continued reading!


6. 04-25-2017

I always enjoy reading about the way my generation is changing the things around us even though it is often very unnoticed. Being a generation that takes longer to “settle down” it is no surprise that we have increased equity in markets like airlines and cruises. Also not starting families as early might be part of the reason car luxuries have increased. I really enjoyed this article and the way it outlines different industries and specific companies.

7. 05-1-2017

Interview with Public Relations Professional

John Loosemore

Dear John,
I like that you want to open your own business. What kind of business are you looking to open? I think it’s cool that you interviewed someone that has their own business. I also have a friend that started his own landscaping and plowing business, it is not easy work so it is impressive that he has been able to become successful at this.
Best of luck in the future,

8. 05-1-2017

Winning PR

This article gives excellent advice on how to run a multi tier campaign. I love that was 100% earned media. I think, especially in today’s world, that is very unique. The very sought out separate tiers give a good basis for someone that is looking to create similar results. I also like that one of the tiers included was the recap and the recap was still used to forward the mission of the campaign.

Comment 9


Brand your Social Media Everyday

Abby Neigbiel

Hi Abby,

I really enjoyed your post! The infographic is great and I like that you kept the light pink color that I have seen on your blog before. These are great tips to start off self branding!


Comment 10


5 tips for more engaging online writing, Lucas Miller

Hi Lucas,

Thank you for your insightful tips! I am a Junior PR student so I love reading on PRDaily to learn great tips like these that will help me not only now in classes, but also in my future!

Thank you again,